13 Beauty Sleep Secrets: What is it & Why You Must Get It!

“Getting older is something that happens to other people, not me!”

(thinks the earlier teenage version of you, “what do you mean use sunscreen, eat healthy, get eight hours of sleep a day? I’m young and invincible!”)

And then one day you wake and you’re 40, or 50 or even 60 and beyond!

  • How did it happen?
  • How can that youthful face, freshness, and mindset be rediscovered?

Sleep. A good eight hours or so or deep rejuvenating, relaxing, restorative sleep.

It’s that simple and here is why this is the magic potion for slowing down the aging process and retaining that glow.

Your skin goes into repair mode when you sleep. It removes toxins, repairs cell damage, creates new cells and increases collagen production. All the aspects you hope for in a moisturiser, you can gain for free with a night of good sleep.
  • During the day your skin is busy defending itself against UV exposure, environmental pollution and the effort and effect of the facial muscles moving and contracting with your changing expressions. At night while you sleep, your skin can relax and work on repairing and revitalising the inside.
  • So when the sun goes down, you need to start thinking of when you’ll lie down and allow your mind and body to move into active regeneration mode. If you reread that sentence, you’ll see that the mind is mentioned as well as your skin, because you want to fight aging in your mind and brain as well. While you sleep your brain works on removing amyloid beta, which is a substance associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and on producing protective brain cells.

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  • During sleep your mind collects together the experiences and ideas of your day, consolidates your memories, and uses these to support you when you are awake with problem solving and creativity.
  • Sleep is full of all sorts of good stuff like the antioxidant Melatonin, collagen which minimises fine lines, human growth hormone which increases muscle mass and stronger, more elastic skin; and sleep reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and then can move onto repairing daytime skin damage.
  • The optimal time for deep, restorative sleep is between 9pm – midnight so adjusting your sleep pattern to work within this timeframe is vital, and if you’re worried about how you can encourage your body to sleep and your mind to rest, try these tips …
  • Try to go to bed and get up the next day around the same time, even weekends.
  • Reserve your bed for sleep (or sex) not for working on your computer, watching tv or doing work.

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  • Invest in a high thread count linen, or sheets and pillows that make you feel really comfortable and snuggled up. A cool room with warm blankets is the best combination. Also keep it dim or dark in your room, maybe a sleep mask may help filter out the light. White noise also helps some people to drift off to sleep.
  • Avoid (or limit) naps. You need to be tired at bedtime, so also try and avoid stimulants such as coffee chocolate, and alcohol for four to six hours before going to bed.
  • Ban your electronic devices with LED screens for at least an hour prior to bedtime, or completely from your bedroom if you can - the blue light that comes from these screens interferes with the brain’s natural sleep rhythms.
  • Perhaps start a ritual such as a hot bath before bed, half an hour of reading, some stretching exercises, a sleep app with calming sounds (tucked away so the screen light doesn’t bother you).
  • If you do wake during the night, don’t lie there stressing about how you will get back to sleep, simply get up and do something that may increase sleepiness such as reading for about 20 minutes, and then return to bed. Don’t take pills designed to bring on sleep, as these do not give you the deep, restorative sleep you need and are not a substitute for the natural sleep cycles your brain needs in order to function well.

Now, let's talk skincare products to help boost that beauty queen inside you!

We are big fans of a good skincare ritual over here at Clementine Sleepwear, we’re also fans of making the products really work for us. Our days are full, whether it’s with work or fun and we need our products to keep working for us even while we are sleeping.

Night time is when your body is already in overdrive to recover, repair and regenerate.  Why not give it an extra boost?

Check out our favourite tried-and-true products that will leave you hydrated, replenished and glowing by the time the sun rises.  From a youth activating oil-balm, to a hair treatment.                


O Cosmedics – Youth Activating Oil-Balm

Loving how this feels in the morning:  go to bed a little greasy, wake up glowing.  This beauty brand has amassed an amazing following.  Emulsify half a pump on the fingertips to a dry clean skin two to three nights a week before bed to wake to beautifully hydrated skin and it’s made in Australia.



Slip Silk Pillowcase

There are many silk pillowcases on the market and I have tried a few but my favourite would still have to be the Slip pure silk pillowcase.  While it is a little more expensive, the quality is hard to beat!  It helps in the fight against wrinkles, helps in the fuzziness of your hair and prolongs your blow out and helps with the sleep crease in our skin for antiaging.  This has to be a good thing! It is also hypoallergenic and a natural fibre that helps you stay cool throughout the night.



Kerastase Nutritive

8 hour magic night serum for your hair.  Beauty sleep repair serum for your hair.

This product is light weight and is a serum-cream.  Apply on dry hair before bedtime.  Spread a pump or more if required into your hands and distribute on the lengths and ends of your hair.  If you have curls, then work in sections with the curls and the best thing is you don’t have to rinse it out in the morning. 

I was a little sceptical when I started using this product and stopped and started several times.  I now love it as I can see the benefits and this product has a huge following.

Clementine Sleepwear

Don’t forget that sleepwear has a very big impact on your sleeping habits.  As we age our sleepwear needs change.  Whether you like to sleep in a nightie, pyjamas or perhaps just a top look for something that is soft, comfortable and make sure that your fabrics are breathable.  At Clementine most of our fabrics are natural to help with a good night’s sleep

These are just a few of our favourite things!

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