5 Ways To Get The Best Sleep

Lying in your warm bed, listening to the rain outside, is one of the great pleasures in life. Add a dog or a couple of cats and it’s simply bliss.

There is one element missing in this scenario...

It’s the vital element of what you are wearing in bed - and quite frankly that needs to be Clementine sleepwear. Not surprising, considering we are discussing five of the best ways to get the best sleep, however let’s look more closely at these ways, and this fabulous sleepwear.

Firstly let’s acknowledge that we all agree that a deep, restorative sleep is vital for our health, wellbeing, productivity, mind, body and soul.
Secondly let’s also agree that a night of broken or restless sleep can literally ruin your day, break up relationships ( no cat will stay on the bed of a person who tosses and turns) and muddle your mind the following day.

There are many factors that contribute to a good nights sleep including a decent mattress, minimal lighting, and no technology in your room; however let’s look at five simple rituals and wearables that will help you drift off into a deep and satisfying sleep.

1. Read a book in your bed jacket.

 Reading not only strengthens your mind and cognitive functioning, it helps to reduce the chatter that goes in in our mind, which in turn helps us to relax.

Creating a bedtime routine that includes reading, will let your body know that it is time to sleep. If you work a lot on electronic devices, then regularly reading an actual book will tell your brain that it is time to quiet down.

Once you are sitting up in bed and reading to calm your mind, ensure you are also looking after your body. If you feel cold then reading will not be enjoyable, so slip the soft, warm and cosy Clementine Shawl Collar Bed Jacket over your shoulders or your nightwear, and settle into your book.

2. Sip some herbal tea with simply gorgeous floral pyjamas.

Herbal tea can be a soothing and natural way to relax and drift into sleep. There are herbal teas for all needs and outcomes so check you are choosing one made with specific herbs to decrease stress, promote relaxation, and aid with sleep.

For example, Rose Tea made from 100% Certified Organic pure and pink rose petals makes this a fabulous relaxing and healthy non caffeinated herbal tea for bedtime.


Pair it with the gorgeous Clementine Matilda Pink floral cotton knit nightie, made from cotton jersey, and your aesthetic soul will love the pink theme of tea and sleepwear.

3. Balance your body temperature with breathable cotton fabrics.

Your bedding and the fabric you wear to bed plays a vital role in the quality of your sleep. Thick heavy bedding such as doonas and blankets trap heat and you risk overheating and waking in a sweat if you’re also in thick sleepwear. Our body temperature naturally drops a few degrees when we sleep, and a cool sleeping environment is ideal to have a good night's sleep. You’ll toss and turn if you are too hot, whether it’s because of bedding or pyjamas, so choose your bedding with that in mind, and wear sleepwear made from soft, light and breathable cotton.
Cotton allows air to circulate around and across your skin, skims your body rather than clinging to it, is soft to the touch and doesn’t irritate your skin. Try the Clementine Hope cotton knit V neck nightie, or the Kiara cotton pyjama pants with the white or cream V neck long sleeve T-shirt for breathability as well as style.

4. Ask yourself do you need a top sheet or not? Particularly if you’re wearing bamboo pyjamas.

There’s an interesting debate going on at the moment about whether it is necessary to use a top sheet or not under a doona.


Some people feel a top sheet is unnecessary, costs money to purchase, complicates bed-making by adding an extra step, can feel claustrophobic and is easy to get tangled around your body.
Other people believe it provides added warmth during the cooler months and a comfortable cover during Summer, is more hygienic, protects your doona from sweat, and makes your bed feel cosier.
Regardless of personal opinion on top sheets, anyone in the know knows that bamboo pyjamas are the only necessity with or without a top sheet.
Bamboo fabric has “micro-gaps” that allow air to pass through the material and wick away the moisture of your body, keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

The most beautiful example of this is the soft Clementine Hannah navy lace trim bamboo pyjama set which breathes beautifully and helps you sleep soundly by regulating your body temperature.


5. Simplicity and sleepwear.

The final tip for sound sleep is the simplest. Spend time on the simple things that relax your mind and body. Read, sip a herbal tea, make your bed the comfiest place in the world, remove technology and choose your Clementine sleepwear for the practicality, and for the luxury it will give you night after night.
Sweet dreams. xx