6 Soul Nourishing Tips To Brighten Up Your Spring

It’s been a long, long winter for most of us, and especially long for those in lockdown. That sense of one grey day after another, where the walls feel like they are closing in on you, and you’re sick of living under artificial light.

Then over the last week or so, Spring has quietly sprung, the flowers are budding, green shoots peeking up through the soil, and a little more sunshine slipping through our windows.


For some people this is enough to lift their mood and turn their face up to the sun, planning outings and picnics, and feeling instantly better. 

This is not however how everyone feels, especially those still sitting in lockdown missing friends and family and familiar life.

If you are still at home for any number of reasons that are keeping Springtime from your door, then let’s look at some soul nourishing ways to deliver Spring and its associated joy, to you. 

Firstly, a vital form of self nourishment is to get enough sleep, at the right time of the night, and in your most comfortable state. The optimum hours to sleep are from 10pm until 6 or 7am as your body temperature and your level of cortisol, the stress hormone, starts to drop from 10pm; and you require on average 8 hours of sleep a night. To achieve this, try to slip into clean sheets, leave the curtains or blinds open enough to let the early morning sun in, and wear your most comfortable and breathable pyjamas - such as the Clementine sleepwear bamboo or cotton pyjamas and nighties.


If you’ve heard of the term SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) it is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons, especially Autumn and Winter, that saps your energy and affects your mood. Just like living in Lockdown.

The best way to combat this is to give your body as much healing Spring sunshine as possible, raising your Vitamin D levels, boosting your serotonin, and nourishing your mind and soul.



Secondly, rise reasonably early in the day, make a cup of coffee or your favourite tea, and take it out into your garden, onto your balcony or to a seat by a window. Stay in your pyjamas with your cuppa, turn your face to the sky, and simply be. 

Thirdly, if you love to meditate or do yoga then it’s a natural progression to take yourself through your practice, pyjama-ed and peaceful. If you’re new to meditative or stretch work then have a scroll through YouTube and  find the music or yogi to suit you, as it will help create a mind and body connection which is restorative and rejuvenating.

 A fourth idea to welcome Spring into your life is to create it yourself with a little gardening. Whether it’s a large space or a row of potted plants across your kitchen window, watching the emerging of new green life that you are nurturing has a wonderful way of bringing about a sense of happiness and peace. 


The fifth clue to nourish your soul and brighten up your Spring is also the secret to longevity. Eat well, drink water, do a little daily exercise and focus on your purpose for that day or that week - maybe minimalise your wardrobe, read the book you’ve been meaning to for ages, try a new recipe or begin to write your autobiography.

And the sixth nourishing clue to longevity and surviving those days indoors is human connection. Make sure you are in contact with other people each day - write a letter, make a call, share a funny video on social media, chat over the fence or smile at others on your daily walk. Do it all in your pyjamas if you want! After all it’s your springtime you are creating, and your soul to nourish.