80 Eye-Opening Stats & Facts About Sleep

It’s Not Easy To Live In Today’s World…

We are constantly bombarded with different types of problems, and more often than not, this leads to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

In fact, we are experiencing so much stress in our lives that we stop registering it as something bad. We get used to it and learn how to live with it when we are awake. In turn, our sleep starts to suffer.

·        According to some studies, around 50% of people sleep less than 6.42 hours per night.

Even though the recommended time for sleep might vary from person to person, most adults with good health still need between seven and nine hours of quality sleep per night. When this criterion is not met, even for a short period, both our body and mind start to break down.

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·        There are certain steps you can take to improve your sleep quality.

For example, it’s best if you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. This way, you can teach your body when it’s time to be awake and when it’s sleep time. In turn, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and sleep through the entire night without waking up.

·        Aerobic exercise can also help, especially if you are suffering from insomnia.

Only 3-4 days a week are enough to activate your muscles and tire yourself enough so you can fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Some relaxing activities before bed can also be of great help. Meditation or yoga can help you calm down and quiet your thoughts long enough to be able to sleep better.

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·        Wearing good quality sleepwear for better restful sleep

Cotton being the far superior choice for sleepwear due to it’s lightweight material, softness and comfort factor. Plus, it gives maximum breath-ability and less likely to irritate the skin. Following our Clementine cotton is our bamboo range which is a wonderful alternative to cotton. (side note, click here to see 30% off our current cotton and bamboo summer range)

·        And last but not least, your bedroom has to become your temple of peace.

A place where you can retreat from your everyday life and recharge. That’s the reason why sleep experts recommend to use the bedroom only for sleep and sex. Also, it’s best if you have no electronic devices near your bed, and the room is dark and cool (around 65 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you want to know more facts and stats about sleep, check out this infographic! Find out more about the most popular historical sleep trends, sleep stages, and how much sleep we really need based on our age. Find the best way to improve your sleep quality and quantity and read a little bit more about the most common sleep disorders.