Are Pyjamas the Latest in Lounge Wear?

Before quarantine had we ever heard of Lounge Wear? When did Lounge Wear become a fashion statement, and is it still okay to lounge about all day in pyjamas?

Let’s take a deep dive into the history of lazing, lounging and looking fabulous at the same time. Lounging Pyjamas, also known way back when in the 1930’s as Beach Pyjamas, featured as a style favoured by fashionable women who loved to wear beautifully designed, comfortable and stylish ensembles as an alternative to the more restrictive day wear.

French fashion designer Coco Chanel was famous for wearing baggy pyjama style bottoms with a loose fitting top that combined elegance and comfort.

Initially viewed as shocking because it was not a gender specific style, the relaxed lounging look quickly became popular amongst wealthy women who wore versions of these beach pyjamas as at-home entertaining lounge pyjamas, or beautifully detailed versions for going out to dinner and dances.

Adopting the pyjama look for day and evening wear was liberating for women in the 1930’s and beyond, and this look became an early feminist statement as women embraced the freedom from tight corseted clothing, and they accessorised their lounging pyjamas as Coco did with strings of pearls, or perhaps a pair of killer heels.

 Iconic film stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford draped themselves across the silver screen in beautiful silk and satin lounging pyjamas, and fashion designers such as Givenchy and Schiaparelli embraced the versatility of the look; and the lounging pyjama became a mainstay of the fashionable set.


In 2020 our world was turned upside down with COVID19, and many of us were forced to work from, or quarantine at home. Much of our communication was via screens, and the emphasis shifted from office work wear to at home comfort. Yet we didn’t want to feel we had dropped our standards and become slobs, so back came the style and paired back glamour of lounge wear. 

So what is the difference between gorgeous pyjamas and gorgeous lounge wear? Technically one is for lounging and working from home, the other is for night time slumbers. So, what is the difference? Absolutely nothing, if you choose the perfect pyjamas.

Choose pyjamas that drape beautifully on your body, with fabric that breathes and doesn’t make you sweat or feel overheated. Choose fabrics that suit your personality and your vibe whether that be bright colours and patterns, or something gentle and whimsical. If you’re working from home and on screen time you may like to choose colours that coordinate with the styling of your home.

Invest in pyjamas that will last and wash beautifully without fading or pilling (where broken fibres twist into tiny knots) such as beautiful breathable cotton or bamboo fabric.

If you make a clever investment in some gorgeous pyjamas you will have instantly doubled your investment as you decide during your day whether you want to pose in pyjamas or lie around in lounge wear.

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