Do you like Australian Native flowers?

Do you like Australian Native flowers? 

One of my favourites is the Blushing Bride, which is from the protea family but is a very small flower with very fine leaves.


 As I was designing the Winter collection I was looking for inspiration.  I turned to a small bunch of my favourite Australian native flowers which are only available for a very short time each year. 

They have soft pink, cream and white tones, and conical shaped buds prior to opening out into a wonderful shaped small protea flower, with each one being a different colour. 

I instantly took a few photos (not very good mind you) and started looking for an amazing Perth graphic designer and illustrator that would be able to transfer my images into a drawing that I could use for the print on the new collection. 

 After speaking with Talea from The Design Quirk and giving her my brief on what I wanted, Talea was able to come up with something that I am really happy with and I hope you will love. 




With two colourway options it was really hard to choose, but this season will be the beautiful soft cream tones and I will keep the other colourway in reserve for next time.

I asked Talea to write something about how she went about taking my image into the design you will see on the Matilda range of pyjamas and nighties.  She replied with this:

“Clementine Sleepwear contacted me (The Design Quirk) to create a gorgeous Australian flower-inspired pattern for winter 2021.



 Photos of a blushing bride bouquet were provided as a reference for this design. These flowers consisted of cream, soft pink tones and delicate petals.

To develop this pattern, I used the flower leaf shapes and the primary colours to create a block out type design with each element's outline as negative space. This approach was used to keep the design simple and easily transferable to fabric. The finished design is so soft and feminine, which fits perfectly with Clementine's gorgeous mate rials and shapes. I can't wait to own one for this coming winter!”

I hope you love our new Clementine exclusive print!

Cheers Jane