4 Tips To Get The Longest Wear From Your Bamboo Sleepwear

How Many Times Have You Been Caught In This Pyjama Drama?

  • Buying low quality sleepwear only to see it ruined after the first wash, or 
  • It's a sweat fest during the night and they end up on the floor by morning!
If you add up the cost for all the new sleepwear you have bought over the years.

I bet you’ve paid a pretty penny.

It’s time to put an end to throwing your hard earned money down the drain, and consider acquiring yourself some well made night wear!

I hear you.. You are worried about ruining even the good stuff.
 I am going to show you how to care for cool, breathable bamboo sleepwear so it lasts!

Bamboo sleepwear is luxuriously comfortable, and known to be a strong fabric that handles moisture absorption more effectively than those ‘other cheaply manufactured’ options.
Plus with all good quality sleepwear comes good quality instructions on how to get the longest wear out of them.

Here are 4 tips to safely care for your beautifully soft bamboo sleepwear so they can see you through more than one season!

  1. Washing: You can wash your bamboo in the washing machine but we suggest you use a gentle cycle (like you would for your delicate items), cold water and a mild soap as this is more gentle on your bamboo fabric too and keeps everything clean and fresh as possible. As with usual washing routines, separate light and dark colours and wash them separately.  Never use bleach or fabric softener.
  1. Drying:We suggest drying your bamboo in the fresh air but don’t just hang your bamboo on the line as this will stretch. We suggest drying it fairly flat, perhaps over a couple of lines or if you need to hang pants hang these by the waist band and for nighties and tops fold a third of the garment over to dry.  This will reduce any stretching.

Machine drying is ok but don’t over do it!  Make sure that the machine is on Mild and not Hot.  Over drying can result in damaged fibres and fabric.  Don’t use the dryer every time you wash your bamboo.  We would still suggest drying on the line over the dryer.

  1. Folding your bamboo: Once your bamboo is dry we suggest folding the pieces as hanging for an extended period of time could result in stretched fabrics as the weight of the product will drag down.
  2. Ironing: If you need to iron your bamboo, use the lowest setting to avoid damage and use light steam. Be gentle.
  3. BONUS TIP: Bamboo can absorb moisture in the air.  When drying your bamboo remember that if the rest of your washing is dry then your bamboo products will most likely be dry.  The may feel a little cold to touch but this is normal.