How I Avoid My Dark Clothes Fading!

Do You Wear A Lot Of Black Or Dark Clothes?

If you are like me, and you wear a lot of black clothes...You will want to keep them looking good for as long as possible

I thought I would share some of the things that I have found that help preserves the dark colour in my clothing for longer. 

Wearing black never goes out of style but wearing black that now looks like grey is never a good look. 

This is how I keep my dark colours looks good for longer.



  • The more you wash the more the dye will wash away, especially with dark colours and denim.
  • Use cold water when washing your dark colours.  Using hot water can make the dark colour run. 
  • Make sure you wash on the shortest cycle possible to get them clean. 
  • Turn your dark coloured clothes inside out prior to washing.
  • I like to use a teaspoon of salt when I first wash a new dark item.


I prefer to wash all my dark colour clothing using a detergent that is specifically made for dark colours. 

Black wash is an ideal product for this purpose and helps protect against colour fade to ensure blacks and darks look darker for longer. 

This type of product is ideal for everyday use.  Ensure that you don’t add white or lighter colours to this wash as they may come out with a grey tinge.  (Oops I have done this) 

Janet Crushed Pyjama Set


Hang your dark colours on the line inside out and don’t leave them outside in the sun for long as the sun will bleach the colour out.

Preferable hanging your dark cloths in the shade or inside will help prolong their colour fabric life.

 I hope these tips help prolong the wear and quality of your black and dark garments...



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