Mother’s Day seems to all too often conjure up burnt toast in bed, mugs with awkward sayings like ‘Dog Mom” when you love cats (and you’re not even American), or gifts that just create more work such as heart shaped waffle makers  or a cross stitch kit.

You can, however, change it up this Mother’s Day and treat your own mum, or if you’re the mum, hand over this list to the member of your family in charge of gifts, and really excel at the gift giving this May.


So, getting down to basics – mums pretty well do absolutely everything. Running homes, running businesses, running kids to sport, running to the store, running for fitness, running on empty, running for P&C President or running for Prime Minister. Mum’s do a lot and they deserve recognition and something out of the ordinary on the day just for them.

The greatest thing any mum will ask for is more time and more sleep. Well, we can’t extend time but we can guarantee a deep restful sleep if we …


  1. Leave the blinds down, the curtains closed and do not wake them on Mother’s Day.
  2. Keep the noise down and put any arguments and fights on hold until at least the afternoon. 
  3. Gift her with the most luxurious and comfortable pyjamas or nightie in the world, but more about this later.

  4. After sleep maybe a lovely outing will be a sweet gesture, however not necessarily where the kids want to go! Consider somewhere peaceful for a late brunch, maybe a picnic in a pretty spot in your garden, a tucked away little café near water, some live music, or a pampering pedicure.

  5. Perhaps after her sleep-in Mum may not want to leave the house but choose to stay in her pyjamas and eat at home. You could cook for her, or cook together (but you do the washing up). If possible choose a family secret recipe made by her mum or grandmother, or a dish she mentioned she loved once upon a time when out to lunch, or simply go with smashed avocado on ciabatta bread, with a little lemon juice and black pepper. By the way, if she’s choosing to stay in her pyjamas, make sure they are the very best quality and the most beautiful fabric and design.

Which brings us to the theme running through this article – pyjamas (or nighties if that’s the preference). Beautiful, comfortable, luxurious, soft cotton knit, Australian designed sleepwear by Clementine Sleepwear, and specifically the MATILDA range.

The MATILDA range of pyjamas and nighties feature an exclusive Australian bridal flower print enhanced by gorgeous cream satin piping and covered buttons. The soft cream tones and relaxed design is so feminine and flattering you or your mum will want to stay in them all day.

This Mother’s Day give yourself or your mum the gift of relaxation. The gift of beauty and luxury. The gift of comfort and style. The gift of the Matilda sleepwear range by Clementine Sleepwear.