The Importance of Mothers' Day

Mothers’ Day should not just be about gifts but spending time with your Mum and the family as a whole.These days we are so busy that we take things for granted and forget the most important things in life.Being together! While we don’t always get on every minute of the day it’s about telling your Mum just how much you love her and thanking her for everything she has done for you and perhaps is still doing for you.

I am very lucky to still have my Mum around.She will drop everything if I ring her to see if she has time for a coffee.We will quite often have a glass of champagne together just because we can.I love those moments more than she will ever realise.

My Mum always offers to help me in my business and when I go away she is the one that does the wrapping of the sleepwear for me.

We will go on our Mothers’ Day picnic as we always do, with our family, my sister and her family, and my mother-in-law and my husband’s sister and her family.We are extremely lucky that we all get along.

This year I have been thinking about what to give my Mum; I know she wants some edging to go around her fruit trees.She has the best garden in the retirement village that she lives in and she still does 99% of it herself.I love going over and raiding the fresh beans in the vegie patch and eating them straight off the bushes.

But, this year my Mum has asked for a set of her favourite pyjamas.I said she could just have them, but she insists that they be her present.It’s funny, I don’t usually give my family sleepwear for gifts, unless they specifically ask for them.

Mum I love you!

Mother's Day Clementine Sleepwear

Pictured above -  
Front, my mum (Lyn), middle me (Jane), back my sister (Debbie)