Sit Down! Slow Down! Leave your PJ's On

These days a lot of people talk about self care, taking time away from the rat race, or returning to a gentler time; however the reality is that life is crazy busy and there’s often no time to think about slowing down. Well, take a couple of minutes and learn the reason why it is important to put your pyjamas on, lounge about and place the world on pause.
Let’s face it, the world is getting busier. We race through the express lane for our shopping, we drive-through fast food outlets so we can order, collect and eat food on the go. And we sleep less.
Being this busy takes up a huge amount of physical and emotional energy, and your mind is so busy thinking about what you have to do next or what you should have done, that it eventually starts to take a toll on your physical and mental health. 
So in the name of health and a happier mind, follow these few simple steps ...
 Designate a day. A pyjama day, and put it in your diary. 
When you wake up on that morning, do not take off your pyjamas - leave them on, all day.
If you feel you need to freshen up then have a shower, or better still a long luxurious bath, and then put on fresh pjs.

Fresh Clementine pyjamas. The most comfortable, breathable, stylish pyjamas around that are designed to ease your body (and your mind) into a state of blissful peace. These pjs provide the ultimate relaxation with their gentle fabrics, unbelievable comfort, and stylish design which keeps you looking classy while unwinding.

This is primarily because of the beautiful fabrics, which are gentle on even the most sensitive skin, and the easy wear designs which help you sleep better while keeping your body temperature regulated.

While wearing your pyjamas, your mind is lulled into a state of relaxation, as it associates pj wearing with sleep, therefore bringing about a state of relaxation and wellbeing. 
Relaxation, wellbeing, self care are terms we hear often, but why are they so important in our lives? Regardless of the what we call it, the taking time for ourselves is so necessary in preventing the onset of mental health problems as well as potentially lessening the severity of existing mental health problems.
Taking time out renews and restores the brain’s ability to increase attention and motivation. Self care encourages productivity and creativity, and relaxing helps us achieve our highest levels of performance simply through the choice to lounge back in our pyjamas and do very little.
When we rest our body, we rest our mind which allows all the noise and pressure of previous days to fade away and make space for other parts of our brains, such as creativity or problem solving, to start working more effectively.
So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or creatively blocked, take find out for yourself. The only decision you should have to make is which pair of Clementine pyjamas to wear.