The Clementine Way

The office is buzzing today with the release of our new promotional video for Clementine Sleepwear!


As you know we have been busy over here in the Clementine office shaking things up to give you EXACTLY what you are looking for (see we told you that we loved you!).


You wanted sexier..... YOU GOT IT!


You wanted to see a more modern, more relevant brand..... YOU GOT IT!


You wanted to see more patterns and designs.... JUST WAIT TO SEE WHAT OUR WINTER RANGE HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!


Now as you know all good things take time and the new look and feel of Clementine Sleepwear is no exception. We still have a long way to go and a lot to do but we are going hard because we aren't going home. 


We are here for the long haul.


We have a vision for Clementine and a mission to empower as many women as we can by helping them rediscover their inner goddess and shine brighter than they ever have before. 


So without further ado we are proud to share with you THE CLEMENTINE WAY! 


We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!