About the Owner

Jane Evans is the owner and designer of Clementine Sleepwear and has been working in the industry for over five years. From a young age, Jane always knew that being entrenched into the fashion game was what she was meant to do. Born with a creative twitch, as a teenager, she was often found in the arts room at school or taking sewing lessons. Eventually her passion led to her making her own dance costumes and ultimately, her own clothing.

As the years progressed and life took its course, Jane fell in love and had children. When her family of boys began to grow up, she decided to revisit her passion that made her heart sing when she was a young lass. At that moment, Clementine Sleepwear was put on the market for sale, she knew that this was destiny! With the support of her family, Jane purchased the business in April 2015 and has never looked back since. Today, Clementine Sleepwear has a fiercely loyal following in both the wholesale and retail market.

The concept of Clementine Sleepwear is to bring sophisticated and chic sleepwear to Australia and beyond. Jane loves the fact that Clementine Sleepwear leaves a lingering smile on everyone's face as they fall asleep. Focusing on flattering, quality, elegant and beautiful pieces, Jane sources only the best textiles that suit the modern-day woman or man. Jane has established a fantastic rapport with her clients and is known for her honesty and determination. She is never too afraid to pick up the phone and is driven by her customer’s satisfaction. Jane places the movements of her clientele at the forefront of her business.

When Jane is not looking after the Clementine tribe, keeping up to date with the latest industry trends or sourcing quality fabrics for the business, she is busy delving into a novel, having a glass of wine, knitting, cooking and of course - spending time with her family.